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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Fırat Academy

NWSA is the internet publication of Fırat Academy. It started its academic publishing life in 2006 with the status of an International Peer-Reviewed E-Journal. In 2013, it received the academic publishing trademark registration certificate. It has 15 journals. All journals issue four issues per year (January-April-July-October). Published articles are published with the approval of the editorial board after at least two blind peer review. NWSA is a member of Crossref (PILA: The Publishers International Linking Association). The DOI number of the journal is 10.12739


Why Choose Us?

We offer more than 15 years of experience and experience in academic publishing for the benefit of all academics.

Time Management:
We present academic studies to our readers as soon as possible (4 issues per year: January-April-July-October).

We are in constant communication with all our authors during working hours (Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00).

All academic studies are reviewed by at least two blind referees and we share the referee reports with our authors.

We ensure that the studies are included in international indexes and databases.

We care more about the content of the study and its contribution to universal sharpening, rather than the author(s).

Post Release Service:
We provide database and archive services that third parties can access most easily of all published works.


Our Mission

To contribute to universal science.


Our Vision

To be an accessible academic journal and reference in academic publishing.