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Veterinary Sciences

Dergi Kapağı
Veterinary Sciences

Serial No. : 3B
ISSN No : 1308-7339
Release Interval (in a Year) : 4 Issues

This journal is an open access journal. The articles are published in full text in the NWSA Index system. For the full text of the article, the NWSA Index should be visited. This journal conforms to the BOAI criteria. This journal accepts articles in disciplines such as Veterinary Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Animal Science and Animal Nutrition.


Aim and Scope

Veterinary Sciences is an international refereed e-journal. E-Journal was founded in 2009 and has ISSN 1308-7339. The journal is one of the sub-series of NWSA Academic Journals. Veterinary Sciences gives place to interesting application, research and survey studies together with original scientific researches consisting of collections and translations in such scientific branches as Veterinary Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and  Animal Science and Animal Nutrition under the main title of veterinary sciences. Veterinary Sciences is open to any kind of constructive, creative and innovative opinions providing that they contribute to universal science and technology. It is a quarterly (January, April, July and October) and it accepts essays written in Turkish, German, English and French. The journal is published quarterly. Articles are accepted in Turkish, German, English and French.


Article Evaluation Stages

First Review: Preliminary Review

Control of the submitted article according to journal publication and writing rules.

Similarity analysis (iThenticate) of the article is done.

Articles with more than 25% similarity are rejected.

Second Review: Editing and Refereeing Process

Assessing of the scientific content of the article.

Review of the article by at least two blind referees.

Restructuring of the article according to the opinions of the referees.

Review by field editors and advisers.

Third Review: Publishing Process

Examination of the article by the editorial board.

Taking the article to print and preparation for publication


Copyright Form

The Copyright Form will be downloaded from the journal system during the article upload phase, and will be signed by the responsible author and uploaded to the system.


Types of Articles Accepted

Research Article, Case Report, Review


Publication Period

January, April, July, October


Contact Information

Publisher: NWSA Academic Journals


E-Mail: nwsa.akademi@hotmail.com

Telephone:  0(531) 867 66 86

Address-1: (Suggested)P.K. 23 Elazığ-Türkiye


Address-2:Lise Caddesi No:88/7 İlkadım/Samsun-Türkiye

# Title Name Institution Access
1 Prof.Dr. Zafer GÖNÜLALAN Erciyes University ResearchGate |
# Title Name Institution Access
1 Assist.Prof.Dr. Ozge  OZMEN AnkaraÜniversitesi
Editorial Board
# Title Name Institution Access
1 Prof.Dr. Alpaslan DAYANGAÇ Osmaniye Korkut Ata Üniversitesi ResearchGate |
2 Prof.Dr. Jasmina  HARVANEK Zagreb University
3 Prof.Dr. Kazım  SAHIN Fırat Üniversitesi
4 Prof.Dr. Metin  BAYRAKTAR Fırat Üniversitesi
5 Prof.Dr. Osman İrfan İLHAK Balıkesir Üniversitesi ResearchGate |
6 Assoc.Prof.Dr. Narayan Ramappa BIRASAL Kle Society`s G H College
7 Assoc.Prof.Dr. Selim  KUL Fırat Üniversitesi ResearchGate |
Editorial Secreteries
# Title Name Institution Access
1 Expert Yayın  Sekreterliği NWSA OrcID | ResearchGate |
Desk Editor
# Title Name Institution Access
1 Expert Sadik Sezgin OZAN Enerya Enerji AŞ. OrcID | ResearchGate |
# Year Year Volume Issue Issue Published Date  
1 2008 3 1 1.01.2008 List
2 2009 4 1 1.01.2009 List
3 2009 4 2 1.04.2009 List
4 2009 4 3 1.07.2009 List
5 2009 4 4 1.10.2009 List
6 2010 5 1 1.01.2010 List
7 2010 5 2 1.04.2010 List
8 2010 5 3 1.07.2010 List
9 2010 5 4 1.10.2010 List
10 2011 6 1 1.01.2011 List
11 2011 6 2 1.04.2011 List
12 2012 7 1 1.01.2012 List
13 2012 7 3 1.07.2012 List
14 2012 7 4 1.10.2012 List
15 2013 8 3 1.07.2013 List
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